"Wild Weeds" is a student film by creator Yair Waller (a pilot for the series) that was released in early 2018, 3 years after he returned from Operation Protective Edge. The film tells the story of three reserve soldiers a year after the operation, as they try to return to their daily routines. The film won the award for Outstanding Pilot at the South Cinema and the award for Outstanding Direction at the ITVfest festival held in Vermont

Yair's dream is to release the full film on social media so that everyone can become familiar with this important issue, and it can reach as many eyes as possible to share a bit of the story of those heroes who came home but will take a long time to return to their daily routines

We are happy to take part in the contribution and distribution of the film so that it reaches as many people as possible

The Iron Trails Association – a team concerned with supporting reservists and combat trauma victims through specific projects, and embracing those in need of psychological support, a loving community, and mental peace