The A team

Empowering our soldiers with strong support

  providing food, equipment, hot showers, laundry, and everything that helps our soldiers approach the battle with high morale.

The A-Team

We are five friends, business owners and entrepreneurs – Tzahi, Alex, Moran, Sefi and Eyal. On the evening of the 7 th October, we realised that there’s a need to organise a special team to support the IDF soldiers and the civilians left in the Gaza envelope. For this purpose we utilised all the means we have, and since then we are out there, receiving reports from commanders regarding what they need and where. We are providing missing equipment, feeding, and taking care of the morale and the needs of the troops. Hundreds of amazing volunteers joined us, and our ability to help is growing every day.

What do we do?

Rest and recuperation site

We are operating a permanent site that is hosting 25,000-30,000 soldiers each day. They eat, renew
missing equipment, shower, wash their clothes, and enjoy entertainment, to gather strength to keepthe fight.

Food and Equipment

We receive reports from the commanders on the ground and our drivers deliver what is needed –
food, clothing, and tactical equipment.

Special Projects

Purchasing of tactical equipment for the troops
Mobile showers and laundry
Armoured ambulance
Aiding the Gaza Envelope farmers with transporting and selling produce


Together we will win

After the first week when we and our circle of friends financed these activities, we realised the need is great, and there’s a lot of work to be done. Therefore, we registeredas a charity. Every amount you donate will allow us to continue and support our troops.


We promise to answer any questions, to thank every donor, and report to you directly, where each of your donations went to. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Hadas– 058-5696941

The receipts benefit from tax recognition on the donation
in the United States, Canada and England.