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Project 'Breathe'

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About Project 'Breathe'

Supporting Our Soldiers and Reservists

On October 7th, the 'A Team' organization was mobilized to support all soldiers, addressing both their expressed and unimagined needs. Since then, we've established a substantial support hub at Gilat Junction. This facility provides daily assistance to over 20,000 soldiers, offering meals and moments of respite amidst the chaos. Services include hot showers and clean laundry, providing a slice of comfort where it's most needed. Thanks to your generosity, this operation has thrived for six months, reassuring our soldiers that they are never alone.

Healing Journey in Greece

A 4-day therapeutic retreat in Greece, designed for fighters to disconnect, leave behind the stress, and reflect on their experiences in a tranquil environment. Participants will explore breathtaking landscapes, finding freedom and renewal in nature. This journey is an opportunity to process the physical and emotional scars of battle, offering a moment of peace and a chance to breathe freely again. The 'Breathe' campaign is our commitment to supporting our soldiers by providing them a chance to heal and rejuvenate

The 'Breathe' Project: Giving Back to Our Brave Soldiers

Avi Mograbi, a participant from the first cohort, shares:

"Every breath you take is another moment of peace, a relief that you wish could last forever."

Together with the Rehabilitation Department and our partners, we continue to support, guide, and provide solace to those in need.

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נגן וידאו

"To Truly Breathe, One Must Witness Firsthand"

We are dedicated to ensuring that reservists can embark on this vital healing journey without financial burden, thanks to the generous funding from both the A-Team Association and the Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry of Defense. Now, more than ever, we rely on your support. We trust that you'll stand shoulder to shoulder with us. It's time to restore the breath of our fighters. Every donation provides another brave reservist with the opportunity to breathe once more.

Landscapes that Heal the Soul

Our program features unique hiking trails and diverse activities, all tailored to ensure maximum care for the participants. From luxurious meals and accommodations to meaningful conversations, every aspect is designed to soothe the soul and foster healing

The Power of Pause

This journey is a chance to be present in the moment—to stop everything and begin processing the intense experiences our soldiers have endured. It's a time for rest, relaxation, and perhaps, a new beginning.

Simply Being, Without Thinking

As Avi Mograbi reflects on his experience: "It was a vacation that healed the soul. I learned things about myself that, if embraced, could change who I am tomorrow."

They need us today, just as we needed them then...

Your contributions enable us to send thousands of reserve fighters on this unique journey to process their combat experiences in a peaceful setting outside Israel. This support covers flights, accommodation, food, and attentive care—offering everything they gave and never asked for in return.

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Experience a glimpse of this incredible journey. Your donations provide our fighters with the breath of life, allowing them to embark on this transformative experience at no cost.